Canada Post - Delivery Agent Recruitment


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Digital billboards, online digital banners, Facebook image carousel and ad postings, Spotify ads.


For the 2018 delivery agent hiring season, Canada Post wanted to roll out their new branding, imageries and messaging across various social media and advertising platforms. Working alongside a team of copywriters and project manager, we had come up with a new messaging that can help better attract potential applicants to apply for the position.

The visual imageries and branding treatment of the "chevron" elements were adapted from Canada Post's new brand guidelines that aims for a more clean, open and simple look and feel. In the end, we managed to roll out the new materials across various different platforms ranging from Facebook, Spotify to platforms that occupied physical space like the digital billboards placed across various areas within the Greater Toronto Area.

Digital Billboards

Spotify Ads

Facebook Image Carousel Ads

Programmatic Banners

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